Personal Training

Jake Bellamy has years of experience of training people both one on one and in small group sessions. Throughout his career, he has acted with diligence and care towards his clients, and worked tirelessly to develop his knowledge and understanding of physical fitness techniques and body function, including understanding the huge part nutrition plays in health and performance.

Jake recognises that fitness is different for everyone. He takes each personal goal seriously – that’s why his clients come back time and again with new goals, building on their past successes with renewed hunger to experience the benefits that good health and fitness bring.

Personal training is conducted one on one, and in small group sessions. His methods include  postural analysis and draw on his specialised knowledge of exercising with medical conditions from arthritis and joint problems to cardiac and pulmonary conditions. Sessions will be safe and focused on achieving personal goals, in a manner that suits the client including encouragement and support that can be both firm and challenging when needed.

Successful training relationships are built on trust and depend on personality, and so each introductory session comes with no obligation. Sessions cost as little as £20 when booked and paid for in advance. Contact Jake on 07921 131574 or to arrange your first session.

Personal training can be combined to great effect with nutritional analysis, intolerance tests and personal packages can be constructed that include training, exercise plans and diet plans. If you’re interested in any of these services or products, contact Jake, or sign up to the mailing list for news and offers.